Case Studies: The Influencer Marketing Compilation (Free Preview)

Case Studies: The Influencer Marketing Compilation (Free Preview)

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Below are examples of influencer marketing campaigns that have been completed in different industries.  

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Axe partnered with popular entrepreneurs to build their #selfmade campaign appealing directly to the young ambitious man.

Unilever’s Impulse body spray teamed up with Leanne Lim Walker to say “Why Not?”

Fanta Collaborates with a Youtuber

Hartleys Jellyinstagrammer

How Stella Artois Earned 9 Million Impressions With Its Oscars Campaign

Lipton – #bemoretea campaign teamed up with The Muppets to reach millions.



How Walmart Uses Cause Marketing & Instagram Influencers

How H&M Reached 12M Consumers Through 4 Sponsored Videos

4 Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaigns From Target

Calvin Klein Spring 2016 : All the celebs


Banking & Finance

How Financial Services Are Creatively Marketing On Instagram

#AxisThoughtFactory – Axis Bank

Banking on employees: new influencer marketing in financial services

PayPal Partners With Travel Vloggers For Epic #PoleToPole Campaign

#AmexAmbassadors on Instagram Are The New Faces Of American Express



10 Telling Examples of the Power of B2B Influencer Marketing

Volkswagen: A crash course to shine. (watch till the end)



L’Oreal, Revlon & Garnier’s Beautycon LA Campaigns

How Maybelline Got Nearly 3.6 Million Likes During New York Fashion Week



How Top Mobile Gaming App Bejeweled Advertises With Influencers

Samsung’s Influencer Activation With Snapchat Star

Inside LG’s V20 Smartphone Influencer Campaign

How LG’s “Seriously Professional” Campaign Reached 5M Users

How Microsoft And National Geographic Got 3.5M Likes on International Women’s Day

Intel: #InsideOut



Telkom x Usain Bolt – BOLTSPEED Fibre

Vodacom #JustSwitch on YouTube



Nordstrom’s Cross-Social Marketing Strategy With Top Influencers & Celebs

How Fashion Nova Built An Entire Fashion Company Completely On Instagram

5 Fashion Brands Leveraging Influencer Marketing in Style


Travel & Hospitality

British Airways, Alaska Air & Quantas reach millions with influencers

Starwood Hotels’ Innovative Influencer Strategy

How Airbnb Leverages The World’s Biggest Celebrities & Influencers On Instagram



How Netflix leveraged Youtuber in Australia launch



How Subaru Dominated Instagram & YouTube With Top Social Media Stars

Mercedes and Loki the Wolf Dog



How Brands Are Using Influencers & Branded Experiences At Coachella 2017


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